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 Commercial Services

Why HENNING & SONS for your commercial job?

Why Henning & Sons for your commercial job? There are a lot of reasons to choose Henning, but perhaps the most important is that you expect the same quality, service and attention to detail from your roofing contractor that you demand from your own business.

You're assured of that quality because our roofing team is experienced - no rookies, summer help or bosses' uncle's nephews. Plus, there's a Henning on every job (ask the competitor's salesman if a company owner will be on their job). We also customize all our own metal work, including valley's and drip edge, saving you money and ensuring you quality materials and workmanship. And at Henning & Sons, our focus isn't on selling roofs, it's on installing them.

We emphasize getting the job done right the first time, ensuring that you have a roof that lasts so you can focus on what matters most - running your business. 


Customer Testimonials



"We had an outstanding service experience with Henning & Sons. They wanted our commercial roofing business, and it showed. Other people never showed up for the estimate, but Henning & Sons got it done when they said they would. Plus, when you work with them, you get the extras. They provided good advice for what roof to use, the offered better technology and materials and provided structural enhancement. They've earned their reputation for doing what they say  they'll do."

-Tim McHugh, McHugh Jeep, Zanesville



"Henning & Sons has done every roof I own, both home and business. They are on time, do the job right and they care. They also have a plumbing, heating and A/C business that delivers the same level of quality. Here's a coupe of examples: We re-roofed our house, then took out a chimney several years later. Unbeknownst to us, Henning & Sons had kept our original shingles "just in case." they made sure the roof matched perfectly. That's service."

- Frank Newlon, The Newlon Auto Group, New Lexington



"We have a commercial building with five tenants, and we have a responsibility to them. Whether it's heating of plumbing or roofing, the Henning's show up quickly and do the work right. My wife and I went house-hunting and actually asked them to do 'walk-throughs' with us. Henning & Sons gives me peace of mind. I'm not buying the best price, I'm buying the best value over time."

- Steve Thompson, Thompson Insurance, New Lexington